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15.12.2012 Von: Christian Müller Lesedauer: 2 Minuten

Dedication is key to any social network

Recently I had a discussion with a good friend of mine. Besides other topics, he claimed that it is almost impossible or at least extremely difficult to enter a new social network and make some connections. He tried google+ for a few weeks but after not getting involved in any discussion, he decided to close his account and ignore google+ for good. After a few questions I told him that the problem weren’t the network, but his passive behavior. Instead of waiting for getting involved in a discussion he should have entered active topics. But his statement got me thinking about one question: What is the key to any social network? The answer is simple: dedication.

If you enter a social network just for marketing purpose and put in only ads for your content, your success will be minimum. More so, you will build a negative reputation you can’t escape easily. Bottom line: You’re hurting your business and your reputation. If you enter a social network just for fun and expect to get a lot oft friends or follower, think again. Yes, social media can be fun, but you won’t experience it by waiting. Instead you have to get active, dedicate yourself to the social network and become an active part of the community. To attract attention you need to join discussions, leave comments, contact other people and open yourself for communication and exchange of ideas.

Can it still be fun? Of course, but in an active way. The basic principle is simple: If you provide quality content, help other users and answer their comments and questions, your network will grow steadily. You won’t get a thousand followers over night – at least not as long as you’re not famous or pay for them – but you will build trustworthy and stable contacts. Over time you can even begin to promote your business – carefully and closely monitored. People will communicate with you if you prove yourself as an active – and valuable – part of the social network. If you put in dedication and time, the community – your community – will reward you. It’s that simple.

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Christian Müller

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Christian unterstützt als Kommunikationsberater Soziale Einrichtungen, Bildungsträger, KMU und Start Ups auf dem Weg in die digitale Kommunikation. Mit seinen Kunden entwickelt er Kommunikationsstrategien, schult Mitarbeiter und hilft dabei, die nötige Kompetenz inhouse aufzubauen. Das Ziel: Die individuell wichtigen Menschen zu erreichen, Gespräche zu initiieren und tragfähige (Kunden) Beziehungen aufzubauen.

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